1917 Portland—In Color

More upscaled, century-old footage! This time a little closer to home, featuring shots of SW Portland, the US Custom House building, and a sneaky shot of the second Oregon State Capitol in Salem. Related: my previous post on the Wuppertal Schwebebahn, featuring upscaled footage of the suspended railway in Wuppertal, Germany operating in 1902.

Historical Context of Racist Planning in Portland

Buried in a Planning and Sustainability Commission meeting from September 2019 is this excellent presentation from BDS planning assistant Jena Hughes on the “Historical Context of Racist Planning in Portland”. (Hughes’ presentation begins around the 48:57 mark.) It’s a great primer on how we’ve historically used city planning mechanisms like zoning to continually prevent communities […]

Wheeler Is Illegally Financing His Reelection, And The City Auditor Is Clearing The Way

Yesterday, it was revealed that Portland mayor Ted Wheeler had made an illegal $150,000 personal contribution to his reelection campaign last month, in violation of Portland campaign finance law. On discovering this, I emailed the City Auditor’s office to file a complaint, and received the following reply: The City Auditor’s Office is not currently enforcing […]

Residential Infill Project

Earlier this week, Portland City Council passed historic housing reform known as the Residential Infill Project, which re-legalizes middle housing like triplexes and fourplexes and incentivizes building more dense and affordable housing throughout the city. The ordinance also makes the construction of driveways optional and removes on-site parking requirements, essentially removing mandated parking minimums city-wide. […]

Transit Class

The City of Portland has just announced that they’ll be offering their annual Portland Traffic & Transportation course as an online class this year. The course, co-founded in 1991 by everyone’s favorite bespectacled cycling enthusiast (and Oregon Congressman) Earl Blumenauer, has been offered free of charge to any Portland resident interested in learning more about […]

At The Drive In

If you’re in Portland and you’re missing going to the movies, some good news! The Hollywood Theatre has set up a drive-in at the Portland Expo Center, screening classic films like The Thing, Raising Arizona, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Tickets went on sale this morning at $35 per car. The NW Film Center has […]

Replacing the Burnside Bridge

Multnomah County has been continuing to share details on their replacement for the Burnside Bridge, with the latest concept images showing how pedestrians and cyclists might be physically separated from vehicular traffic. Although the project is still a year away from the design phase—and construction likely won’t start until at least 2024—there will be regular […]