Transit Class

The City of Portland has just announced that they’ll be offering their annual Portland Traffic & Transportation course as an online class this year.

The course, co-founded in 1991 by everyone’s favorite bespectacled cycling enthusiast (and Oregon Congressman) Earl Blumenauer, has been offered free of charge to any Portland resident interested in learning more about the region’s transportation and planning policy.

I took the course last year and absolutely loved it. Admittedly, so much of what made it great was everyone getting together after class, and getting to nerd out with a bunch of other amateur city planners. I really hope this year’s class can find a way to carry on that tradition.

Applications are open until September 1st, with the 10 week course running from October 1st through early December.

Related: Last year I stitched back together this 2010 presentation from former Chief Transportation Planner Steve Dotterrer, which is a great primer if you’re interested in the history of Portland’s transportation and transit infrastructure.