Duocon 2020

It’s been a little quiet around here the last few weeks—and for good reason.

Since last Fall, I’ve been working with the team at Duolingo and leading production on their annual conference, Duocon.

Our original plan to fill a warehouse in Brooklyn full of speakers, performers, and attendees … suddenly fell out of vogue earlier this year.

Instead, next Saturday, September 26th, we’ll be live-streaming a completely reimagined version of Duocon. We’ll be hosting presentations from the Duolingo team—sharing a peak behind the scenes at Duolingo as well as announcing product updates and new features.

We’ll also have guest speakers, including Dr. Anne Charity Hudley, Dr. Nicole Holliday, and David Peterson, joining us to present talks on languages of the Black diaspora, sociolinguistic competence, and constructed language.

Duocon will be broadcast live on Saturday, September 26th beginning 11am ET (8am PT). You can register to attend for free (over 70,000 people have registered already!), and watch live next weekend on Duolingo.com.