Sabotaging the USPS

Republicans have long had it out for the United States Postal Service, given their propensity to privatize vital public services, but now they have a new reason to double-down in the midst of a pandemic: impeding our ability to safely vote by mail.

Postal workers interviewed by Vice believe current Postmaster General (and, surprise surprise, major Tr*mp donor) Louis DeJoy is trying to intentionally disrupt USPS services “in order to sabotage the mail-in ballot system ahead of the November elections” and that he is “hellbent on privatizing the USPS”. Fantastic.

Related: many of the the iconic Grumman LLV mail trucks are in use well beyond their lifespan, and are now in such a state of disrepair that they’re beginning to catch on fire. Plans to upgrade and replace the fleet have been in the works since 2011, but a replacement vehicle has yet to be chosen.